discover your identity with unwavering commitment to excellence and a global demand for unique tattoo styles

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  • Head Artist

    Multi-talented and award winning tattoo artist, specializing in color and black / grey realism tattoos. Franklin has a bold and powerful presence, with precise attention to details.

  • Tattoo Apprentice

    A master of fine line and intricate tattooing. Her style is characterized by delicate, detailed designs that often draw inspiration from nature, botanicals and celestial elements.

  • Head Artist

    A traditional tattoo expert with a flair for bold, colorful designs. Drawing inspiration from classic Americana, his tattoos feature iconic symbols like anchors, skulls and pin-up girls.

  • Body Piercer

    Specializes in neo-traditional tattoos that fuse rich colors with a touch of contemporary flair. Her designs often include elements from various cultural and mythical influences.